High School

High School Program

We believe that children who are healthier, happier, and primed for learning will succeed academically. That is why we begin the journey of teaching and learning by paying attention to the whole child first. Convention tells us to focus on teaching and curriculum but common sense tells us to begin by ensuring that children are primed for learning. At FIT Academy, this means providing a strong foundation of health & fitness.

High School Academic Program
The goal of our high school program is to provide a broad base of academic opportunities and a strong academic foundation. This foundation will prepare students for post-secondary opportunities, including taking full advantage of dual enrollment such as PSEO beginning as early as 10th grade.  Our high school  schedule will consist of 7 periods per day including the four core courses, a health & physical education course, a world language, and an art/music option. Other options such as AP level courses will be available using FuelEducation and may be substituted.

High School Academic Priorities

School Calendar & Daily Schedule

Our FIT Academy school calendar is identical to the District 196 calendar. Our school hours will be as follows:

Daily Schedule
Start Time: 8:20am
End Time: 2:40pm

9th Grade Schedule
English Language Arts 9
Government, Citizenship, & Economics
Physical Science
Health & Physical Education
World Language / All-Star Time
Art & Music

10th Grade Schedule*
English Language Arts 10
U.S. History
Health & Physical Education
World Language / All-Star Time
Art & Music
* Note that 10th grade students have the option to pursue PSEO and earn some of these credits at a local college

Don’t Forget About Field Day!
On Wednesdays, students in grades 3 through 10 will be bused in groups to a nearby indoor turf sports facility to participate in one hour of field activities and sports. There will be no cost to the families for Field Day. This will take up to 90 minutes of the day and modify that day’s schedule for students. Grade levels will rotate throughout the day so there should never be more than 56 students at the facility where our two licensed physical education teachers will lead activities.

After School Activities
FIT Academy offers a number of after-school activities for students. These include clubs, sports activities, as well as co-curricular activities offered in partnership with other area schools. We are also offering on-site drivers education through A+ Drivers Education in the Fall.

Clubs & activities previously offered based on student interest
Chess Club
Fitness Club
The Creatives
After-School Math Support
Empower Leadership for Girls

MS Sports offered at FIT Academy for 2019-20
Yearlong Strength & Conditioning
Fall: Boys & Girls Cross Country
Winter: Boys & Girls Basketball
Spring: Boys & Girls Track & Field

MS & HS Activities Offered in 2019-20
Girls Volleyball (Fall)
Boys Soccer (Fall)
Boys Basketball (Winter)
Girls Basketball (Winter)
Boys & Girls Track (Spring)
Boys Golf (Spring)
Girls Badminton(Spring)