Our School

FIT Academy: A Free Public Charter School

The purpose of FIT Academy is to prepare the whole student for life. We believe our school empowers students to live fulfilling, responsible, and successful lives by purposefully integrating mental, physical, and emotional development. Our FIT acronym represents these as Fitness, Intellect, and Teamwork. These three areas make up the FIT acronym and this purposeful integration results in an impact on student development that is far greater than the sum of each individual developmental area.

Message from our founder
Claud Allaire

Claud Allaire
Founder & Executive Director
Ph. (952) 847-3798

Dear Parents,

Welcome to FIT Academy where we believe that children need a foundation of health and fitness in order to achieve academic excellence! Our approach to this vision will include daily physical education and health, weekly field day at an indoor sports facility, and full implementation of brain breaks throughout the day! For more information on this science please read the following articles!

How Kids Learn Better By Taking Frequent Breaks Throughout the Day

Study Finds Romping aids Reading, Writing

FIT Academy opened in the Fall of 2017 as a K-8 school serving approximately 180 students following five years of research, planning, and development including collaboration from numerous leaders in the areas of education, child development, and health and fitness. Our success has resulted in rapid growth and entering our sixth year, we now serve an enrollment of 375 students in grades K-12! Our school is close to having reached its enrollment capacity and we are seeking to expand our facility to accommodate this growth and better serve our high school aged students.

What makes FIT Academy unique?

  • Purposeful integration of the mental, physical, and emotional needs of students using the acronym FIT for the themes of Fitness, Intellect, and Teamwork
  • School wide focus and commitment by all stakeholders
  • Comprehensive health & physical education curriculum
  • “Brain breaks” and physical activation throughout the day
  • Monthly focus on a performance character word supporting emotional intelligence

Why does FIT Academy believe in this approach?
Research shows that students involved in regular exercise and sports:

  • Perform better than the average student in school
  • Are more likely to pursue higher education
  • Are more confident and resilient in the face of adversity
  • Are less prone to depression and lifelong health issues
  • Are less prone to risky behaviors or self-defeating behaviors