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Information for Families

The information on this page will help you and your student be successful throughout the year.

FIT Academy’s calendar is based on the District 196 calendar with a few modifications.

Our 2022-23 school day will be as follows:

  • 7:45 am to 2:45 pm, Academic Day for All Students
  • 2:50pm-5:00pm, After School Care (fee will apply)
  • 2:50pm-5:00pm, After School Sports & Clubs for grades 6-12. (fees may apply)

FIT Academy offer free and reduced lunch priced meals to the children of families who qualify. Please refer to the information below to determine eligibility and apply.

Click here to access the JMC portal to view student attendance and records.

After School Care
FIT Academy will offer after-school care everyday from 2:45pm to 5:00pm for grades K-5. Please check with the school for information on rates.

After School Activities
FIT Academy offers a number of after-school activities for students. Please contact the school for additional information.

Students at FIT Academy will be required to wear uniforms. Black or navy shorts (seasonal), skirts, or slacks with no writing, logos or decals may be purchased by parents at any retailer (i.e. Target, Macy’s etc.). School polos and school sweatshirts must be purchased through our school store and will be available through the school year.

Sample retailers for slacks (Note that these are outside retailers and FIT Academy is not responsible for their products, sizing, or any other issues ordering from these sites)
Target Online Store
JC Penny Online Store


To order please follow these directions:
– You must create an account / login to access our reduced member pricing*
– Visit the website at:
– Enter school code s3052
– Read descriptions carefully prior to ordering (wicker fabric is athletic wear / pique is regular cotton)
– A limited number of items are available at school to try on for sizing
 * Note that if you shop without login in you will view higher pricing

Please note the following important information related to transition:
– White polos will no longer be available
– Sky blue polos will not be available until the Spring
– Gold will not be available until February

You may order all items in Navy including polos, long sleeves, sweatshirts, activewear, and slacks on the site Now. You may also pre-order the gold polos now for February delivery.

We are pleased to announce that FIT Academy will be providing bus transportation to students who reside throughout the District 196 boundaries. We also offer an independent bus route throughout Burnsville.

Students who live beyond the district’s boundaries will be allowed to catch their nearest bus on the edge of those boundaries. Under this plan, FIT students will catch a district bus to their nearest middle school and will then take a transfer bus routed directly to FIT Academy.

Use the resources below to see the district 196 transportation maps. Feel free to call Tamra Paschall at 952-847-3798 if you have any additional questions regarding transportation.

District 196 Schools Map

Map Your Address to Nearest Middle School

Please see our weekly newsletter for additional details about events!

FIT Academy Homecoming & Dance: Thursday October 6th

Cyclehealth Resilinator
Resilinator is a 2.5-mile adventure race on nature trails around Hyland Lake. The course is designed to test your physical strength, toughness, and teamwork as buddy pairs. Buddy pairs are connected by a tether. Their objective is to complete the entire course without breaking their connection.

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Click here for information on applying for Minnesota health care programs