Staff Member

Eric Pulley

Building Coordinator & Community Liaison

I began working in education in 1995 in the Orleans Parrish Public Schools System. I started as a day-to-day Substitute Teacher at George Washington Elementary School. From there I served almost 10 years throughout the district in various positions including School Suspension Teacher, Freshmen Math, and In-school Suspension Teacher. I found substitute teaching was a dream job because it fit well with my other job, coaching football at the same high school where I myself played football and soccer. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, I moved to Burnsville Minnesota where I became Educational Assistant for District 191. I worked in SPED for eight years and as a Campus Supervisor for four more years. During that time I also coached football for schools including Burnsville, Macalester, University of St. Thomas, Chaska and St. Olaf College. I also coached girls basketball at Burnsville. I've been married to my wife Jennifer for over twenty years. Together we have two children, Josiah and Jada.