• September 20, 2017

Join us for Cycle Health Kickoff October 6!

Join us for Cycle Health Kickoff October 6!

Join us for Cycle Health Kickoff October 6! 1024 384 FIT Academy


An inspirational evening with 7-time world champion triathlete Tony Schiller

Tues. Oct. 3  6:30 – 7:30 PM

Tony and his organization, CycleHealth, is partnering with FIT Academy this year to bring kid-powered wellness challenges and adventure races to students. Join us for a kick-off and chance to hear Tony’s story of being cut from 7 sports teams as a kid, and struggling in school and life before breaking through as an athlete. Tony’s story – and his work at CycleHealth, will motivate your students and entire family. 



FIT Academy is partnering this school year on a new wellness initiative with CycleHealth, a local non-profit with a mission of creating a new cycle of health in kids.
Here’s how it will work:
Seasonal Fitness Challenge for 4th and 5th Grade Students – Once each season (fall, winter, spring) CycleHealth leaders will be at our school to deliver to a motivational program while launching an on-going fitness challenge component and contest. Our 4th and 5th grade staff will then engage with those students weekly to fulfill each of the challenges. The objective is to increase confidence and heighten students’ love of exercise – for life.
CycleHealth’s Two World-Class Weekend Adventure Races for grades 1st – 5th – We are also encouraging all students (1st through 5th) to take part in the two CycleHealth adventure races held during the school year. As a partner school, we are passing on a special 50% off of the normal registration fee. See below for the deadline for the discount.
What Next?
1) Hold the dates for the fall and winter adventure races on your calendar:
  • Sunday afternoon, Oct. 29 – Resilinator
  • Saturday evening, Feb. 24 – Kidarod
2) Register for the Resilinator.
The Resilinator is a foot race with obstacles for buddy pairs. Buddy pairs can be kid + kid (ages 7-17) or kid + adult (ages 17-99). The un-timed race covers 2.5 miles of grass and wood chip trails, with many buddy challenges along the way. ALL kids can do this race! Adult buddies must have a moderate fitness level, as this race is designed to be challenging.
  • Go to cyclehealth.org and select Resilinator Info/Register. Choose 2:00 PM slot.
  • At checkout, use coupon code: FIT50
*Starting Oct. 5th, the 50% entry expires and the new FIT Academy discount will be only 10%, so don’t forget to enter by Oct. 4th.